7 Easy tips for an organised and clutter-free home office

Is your home office organised and clutter-free? You might be surprised to learn that some people have no problems working in a home office that is untidy and cluttered, and if this works for you, then fine! For most of us however, we need a neat and tidy office space that helps us to focus and work more effectively during the day.

Many people feel that a cluttered home office leads to a cluttered mind, making us feel overly stressed, which in turn results in a lack of productivity. So if you are ready to bring some order back into your working life, here are 7 tips for a clutter-free and organised home office.

1. Purge your desk

You want a clutter-free and tidy desk, so start by removing everything from your desk that you don’t need. This means that you will be left with your computer and monitors on your desk and maybe your work journal or daily diary as well.

2. Filing system

Decide if you need a small filing system for your desktop or can you file all of your paperwork away in your filing cabinet? Keeping your paperwork neat and organised is important for productivity, so whichever option you choose (maybe both!), either shred, file or action all papers on your desk.

3. Cork board 

These are ideal for keeping notes, lists or ideas in plain view, whilst not littering your desk. An organised desk helps you to work more efficiently and a cork board eliminates bits of paper cluttering up your desk. 

4. Office supplies 

Pens, pencils, bulldog clips and paperclips usually end up spread all over your desk, seeming to disappear the moment you need one of them! The best solution is to purchase a desk organiser to keep all of these small items where you can easily find them, giving you a clutter-free and tidy desk.  

5. Shelves

Do you have your printer, shredder and scanner on your desk? One option is to place this equipment on wide shelves above or just to the side of your desk, as this frees up your valuable desk space and keeps your equipment organised and within easy reach.

6. In-Tray 

An in-tray helps you to keep on top of what needs to be actioned, either today or this week, and prevents you from losing important mail, orders and invoices. This tray helps to keep your desk neat and tidy and can be placed on your desk or on a shelf, as long as it is not out of sight.

7. Cables 

There are plenty of solutions to secure your cables and keep them organised, including cable ties, covers and concealers. Just pop into your local computer store and you will find lots of easy options to help keep your cables tidy and your desk clutter-free.

Keeping your home office organised and free from clutter is all about storage and easy access. So keep items you use every day close to hand and store everything else out of sight, but within easy reach.

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