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Like many great business ideas, it started with a moment of frustration

The Space Cube was designed by Sydneysider, Carol Havener after moving into a home that had limited space. She needed one storage unit that had a place for all the family’s daily essentials, one that wouldn’t occupy a large amount of surface space on the kitchen benchtop or her office desk.

Having multiple organisers gave the storage space necessary; but with multiple organisers this meant losing over 60 cm squared of precious workspace. Plus, it created more clutter, making it difficult to keep it tidy and organised.

Carol was determined to address this problem and create a more space-efficient and practical solution. Using her background as a retail executive, and in particular her experience in visual merchandising, Carol set about to design an organiser that would work in a finite space, be functional, and look appealing in multiple environments.

And so, The Space Cube was born. Combining the capacity of more than 5 desktop organisers yet taking up only 30 cm squared on a desk or kitchen benchtop, it’s the attractive and functional solution families and offices have been searching for.

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In today’s disposable consumer culture, it was important to Carol that The Space Cube be built to last. It’s made from sturdy 1 cm thick bamboo that’s robust enough for whatever you throw at it. And unlike other timbers, bamboo is fast growing and highly sustainable so there’s no compromising on eco-values.

Furthermore, The Space Cube comes fully assembled because you have better things to do with your time than mess about with screwdrivers and allen keys. Just take it out of the box, pop it on your desk or bench, and start organising straight away.

Every Space Cube is fully inspected prior to shipping to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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With its adaptable design and neutral bamboo, The Space Cube is at home in every home or office. The neutral colour palette means that it will look great in many spaces, while helping to keep your life organised and under control. 

Features include:
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