The Lightbulb Moment…

Building A Better Mousetrap

I am mum who loves to be organised! Frustrated by the lack of attractive and functional desk and kitchen bench top organisers available, I decided to create my own.  The Space Cube was developed when we moved to Sydney’s Northern Beaches and space was a premium.

When I set up all the storage solutions I required to hold the necessities on my desk, it took up over 60cm squared while creating more clutter and less work space. This led to the creation of The Space Cube which takes up less than 30cm squared of surface space and is 5 organisers in 1 including a docking station.

The goal was to create a compact unit that was multi-functional and sleek in design. After several prototypes and fine-tuning, The Space Cube in beautiful bamboo was created, a quality organiser that looks great at home and the office!

You will love how The Space Cube reduces clutter and keeps everyone organised! I have one my kitchen counter which is ‘command central’ for my family and another in my office. It is a time-saver and space creator to say the least.

I am truly passionate about The Space Cube. Our small business has gained national attention and a growing customer base because it is the only organiser on the market today that eliminates clutter, gets you organised and most importantly, keeps you organised.

We value our customers and pride ourselves on a unique product that does what it says. Finally, there is one solution with space for everything. Happy Organising!

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