Would you want these gifts for Mother’s Day?

Thumbing through a flyer from a big-box store today I couldn’t help but laugh at their Mother’s Day gift suggestions.  I kept thinking, I wouldn’t want this crap and most women wouldn’t either.  Fluffy gifts are nice, but give me something I can really use.  Something that’s not going collect dust, create more clutter or get shoved to the bottom of the sock drawer.  Here’s what retailers think Mum’s want this year:

The Facial Steamer

By the time you fill it, heat and stand over it you could have gotten the same affect from standing over the stove cooking dinner.  Plus if you can’t steam your whole body what’s the point- I’d rather find a steam room and do a proper pore cleanse…..like that would ever happen!

Hot Water Bottle with Knitted Cover

Again, who has time to heat the water, put a coat on it and snuggle with it.  It’s like a mitten for your mid-section.  The doona will do just fine.

Foot Bath

Similar to point #1, unless you leave this out in the middle of the lounge as a reminder to soak your feet this will end up under the bed or the back of the closet.  You may use it once and realise lugging a bucket of water with cord from the sink to the couch takes the relaxing part away pretty quick.

Scented Soaps

You just know if you scrub down with these you are going to end up with a rash where no rash should be.  Don’t be fooled by the colours and pretty packaging, these soaps are up to no good.  Plus, not too many people I know have the time to take a long shower let alone remember about the ‘pretty soap’ stashed in the medicine cabinet.


Electric Neck and Shoulder Massager

This is like a bad amusement park ride, plus you have to leave it out along with the foot bath as a reminder to use it.  Noise and vibration do not equal relaxing.  I gave in to one of these last year and purchased it for my mum, who kept yelling ‘stop the ride, I want to get off’ the one and only time she used it.  We sold it at our garage sale this year.

So what do we want?  One size does not fit all and it depends on the person.  I may have massively offended someone with the snubs above, but others may feel my pain and just want a few nights off from cooking, an uninterrupted bubble bath, a day off for Mum or a great family outing.  At the end of the day, get something great or do something you love- Happy Mother’s Day, you’re worth it!

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