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Do You Work With Any of These Weirdos?

No degree or any amount of education can prepare one for workplace politics, co-workers and corporate culture.  Many moons ago I had a series of corporate jobs in various capacities, for the most part I enjoyed my work and looked to further myself in my career.  Along the way I encountered some ‘interesting’ people and

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Would you want these gifts for Mother’s Day?

Thumbing through a flyer from a big-box store today I couldn’t help but laugh at their Mother’s Day gift suggestions.  I kept thinking, I wouldn’t want this crap and most women wouldn’t either.  Fluffy gifts are nice, but give me something I can really use.  Something that’s not going collect dust, create more clutter or

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7 Easy tips for an organised and clutter-free home office

Is your home office organised and clutter-free? You might be surprised to learn that some people have no problems working in a home office that is untidy and cluttered, and if this works for you, then fine! For most of us however, we need a neat and tidy office space that helps us to focus

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